Risking The Wrath of the Gods-what if you get things wrong?

I spent my afternoon today, burning a Strophalos into a wooden box. Pyrography is slow work. It allows me to examine my subject matter in detail. As is often the case when engaging deeply in the form of the Strophalos (Hekate's Wheel), my mind began to stray away from the material realm, down into the... Continue Reading →


The first Deipnon of Autumn, on Ritual Mourning

To welcome in the Autumn we must first bid farewell to summer. Mourning is a vital part of the cycles of our lives, change cannot occur without sacrifice, growth cannot occur without space. Today I ended an era of my life to make way for change and growth. Something I poured heart and soul into... Continue Reading →

Witchcraft and Doubt

I am 10 years old, dressed in a black skirt, too long for me, sitting on a bridge with my then best friend. We don't know what we are doing, but we have decided we are witches, and we are trying to make it rain. After some time, barely a few spots fall, and we... Continue Reading →

Finding The Heart Tree

The first time I found a heart tree, I was walking in a patch of preserved ancient woodland near to my home, on the edge of London. I had come across this particular place while out wandering and was surprised that I could have lived in a place for so long without realising this spot... Continue Reading →

My Secret, Summer Fling

During the warm, balmy days of early summer, with its dreamy golden evenings, perfumed flowers and glorious colours, it is easy to think of romance. Sweat, heat, golden skin- lazy days and nature in its full glory. It is the season of Romeo and Juliette, A Midsummer Nights Dream, it is the season of Danny... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond Soul Retrieval

I have written about the phenomena of Spontaneous Soul Retrieval, and others have written about Intentional Soul Retrieval, but there doesn't seem to be much out there about what happens afterwards. When I experienced my own soul-return, I felt like a goal had been reached. I had returned to myself. I felt something like the person who... Continue Reading →

Urban Herbal- April, Shepherd’s Purse

Following on from my January entry on the qualities of the common Stinging Nettle, this month I will be discussing Shepherd's Purse. You may realise I have skipped two months- series will come out as the inspiration finds me and maybe in a year or two I will have a full calendar of Urban growing magical plants!... Continue Reading →

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